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  • Go-Easy
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  • Cargo Deck and Storage Pod Option

With a durable, powder-coated steel frame and a lot of rack space, this is our brand new GO-Easy, Adventure-Utility Trailer. Create your own custom GO-Easy based on your style, your needs and your budget! With the ability to add the large, Polished Aluminum Diamond-Plate Deck and the weatherproof front Storage Pod, this unique Adventure-Utility Trailer stands alone in the crowd. The ultra-lightweight GO-Easy is packed with features, infinitely upgradeable and is towable by any small car… even a motorcycle!

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Go-Easy with Cargo Deck

By adding the Polished Aluminum Diamond-Plate Cargo Deck, you can increase your GO-Easy cargo capacity by 17.6 cu. ft. With an innovative, molded-in track system you can easily drop sides and a top on for a fully enclosed and secure cargo deck. The Polished Aluminum Diamond-Plate Cargo Deck can carry up to 325 lbs. and measures
43"W x 44"D.

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Go-Easy with Cargo Deck and Storage Pod

Add the molded HDPE Front Storage Pod and increase your dry, secure storage capacity by another 6.2 cu. ft.. With a purposefully designed Kayak Hatch Cover at it’s opening, the Front Storage Pod provides both weatherproof storage for your valuable items, as well as stylish good looks for your GO-Easy Adventure-Utility Trailer.

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What makes the Go-Easy different?

Welcome to the coolest new, Adventure-Utility Trailer on the market, The SylvanSport GO-Easy. The GO-Easy is, at its core, an amazing “roof rack on wheels” for all your boat and bike hauling needs. Scratch below the surface and you’ll find an incredible array of options and innovative functionality that makes it so much more. Add a Polished Aluminum Diamond-Plate Cargo Deck and load up to 375 lbs on a 17.6 cu. ft volume. We’ve molded in side, rear and top rail slots so you can completely enclose the GO-Easy deck area with your own wood panels, or you can buy ours. Add the Front Storage Pod and you have a weatherproof storage box (with a kayak hatch cover for a lid!) that gives you 6.2 cu. ft of additional gear hauling storage. Add the exclusive Roost Explorer, two-person Camping Pod and you have the ultimate in cool camping trailers.

All this versatility is wrapped in a beautiful package that is small enough and light enough to be towed by a motorcycle.

The GO-Easy comes with a ton of options so you can fit it out any way you like: frame color choices, cargo deck, front storage pod, upgraded cast aluminum wheels, longer tongue (for carrying longer boats), side panels, cross bars, factory assembly and the Roost Explorer, two-person Camping Pod are all available.

The world’s best quality outdoor gear is durable, lightweight, easy-to-use, stylish and fun... the new GO-Easy is made for fun. SylvanSport has engineered an Adventure Utility Trailer that reflects the quality, design, and spirit of the world’s finest outdoor equipment. Obsession with quality is evident in everything
SylvanSport builds and the new GO-Easy is our latest example.

Award-Winning Design

Since launching the SylvanSport GO – multi-use camping trailer in 2007—hailed by National Geographic Adventure as the “Coolest. Camper. Ever.” - SyvlanSport has earned a reputation for intelligent design and quality craftsmanship, with awards from Men's Journal, National Geographic, IDEA (International Design Excellence Awards), and more, recognizing the company's groundbreaking, category creating design.

With the launch of the GO-Easy, the team at SylvanSport is pushing the limits of engineering and performance once again. This time by thinking big and going small, with a highly efficient Adventure-Utility Trailer that can haul up to five bikes, or four kayaks, or combinations of bikes and boats (including canoes, sea kayaks, SUPS and surfboards) and other outdoor gear. The new GO-Easy is perfect for carrying home and garden materials, building supplies, outdoor power equipment and more. With the exclusive Roost Explorer, two person camping pod, this is the most lightweight, ultra-cool camping trailer out there.

Ground breaking innovation

The new GO-Easy, Adventure-Utility Trailer is manufactured from premium, US supplied materials and processes and assembled right here in our North Carolina Factory. The custom fabricated steel frame is lightweight, robust and powder-coated for durability and resistance to the elements. The unique assembly method makes for an incredibly simple and solid structure. A Polished Aluminum Diamond-Plate Cargo Deck accommodates up to 375 lbs of gear, equipment or landscape/construction material. A rotationally molded, high density Polyethylene storage box keeps your valuable cargo safe and dry, HDPE fenders are durable and will never corrode. Torsion axle suspension system provides a smooth ride and plenty of ground clearance. HDPE tailgate contains the removable tailgate bar and allows for the whole trailer to tilt and store in an upright and space saving position. Add the Roost Explorer, two-person Camping Pod and you have the ultimate hauling and camping combo, and all at less than 400 lbs!


It takes world class engineering to make it Easy. We started with a simple mission: build the best “micro” adventure-utility trailer in the world. It has to carry multiple bikes, multiple boats... big boats,, it needs to carry a LOT of gear, it needs to be robust and it needs to last a LONG time. Doing all this and arriving at a price everyone is happy with is not an easy challenge. The new SylvanSport GO-Easy is our latest feat of engineering and we’re proud to make it in the USA.

Creative problem-solving, high-tech design, proven components, recyclable materials, multiple configurations, and unlimited possibilities – As with the GO, you will immediately notice our attention to detail the first time you see a GO-Easy. You'll continue to appreciate those details every time you use it.

World-Class, US Manufacturing

Of course, if the GO-Easy isn't BUILT right... the design and engineering won’t matter. This is why SylvanSport manufactures every GO-Easy here in our Brevard, North Carolina factory. The GO-Easy is manufactured unlike any other sport or utility trailer on the road today. Built in-house by our expert craftsmen, GO-Easy is made up of US supplied components, ranging from precision molded High Density Polyethylene to a custom LED lighting system. No detail is overlooked where quality is paramount! Like the GO, the GO-Easy was dreamed, drawn, prototyped, molded, fabricated and assembled here, in America. It is extremely well made and designed to work, for years.


The GO Easy, Bring-it-all Adventure Trailer is a fine tuned piece of technical gear. If you’re a cyclist and want to bring as many as 6 bikes along with your bags and coolers, check out the Essential and Ultimate Cycling Packages. With a smooth riding torsion axle, capable of carrying up to 325 lbs, the Cycling packages are designed for you. The Paddling packages, Essential and Ultimate, allow you to carry as many as six big boats, feature a 525 lb. load capacity and an extended (75”) tongue! Bring along a full load of heavy boats, coolers, camping and fishing gear, the Paddling Package is a work horse.

Long Tongue, Multi-Kayak
Max Kayak Length: 15’
Long Tongue, Single Kayak
Max Kayak Length: 17’
Short Tongue, Multi-Kayak
Max Kayak Length: 11’
Short Tongue, Multi-Kayak
Max Kayak Length: 11’
Short Tongue, Single Kayak
Max Kayak Length: 13’
Weight English Metric
GO-Easy (w/out Cargo Deck and Front Storage Pod) 219 lbs 99 kg
Polished Aluminum Diamond-Plate cargo Deck 33 lbs 15 kg
Weatherproof Front Storage Box 23 lbs 10 kg
Dimensions English Metric
GO-Easy 120 x 62 x 35 in 3.04 x 1.57 x 0.89 m
Polished Aluminum Diamond-Plate Cargo Deck 44 x 43 x 1.0 in 1.11 x 1.09 x 0.02 m
Roost 2-Person Camping Pod 90.5 x 57 x 59 (raised) 2.3 x 1.44 x 1.49 m
Storage Capacity English Metric
Polished Aluminum Diamond-Plate Cargo Deck 17.6 cu ft 381 kg
Weatherproof Front Storage Pod 6.2 cu ft 175.5 litres
Compact, light enough to tow with a motorcycle
Dimensions: 120”L x 62” W x 35”H
Rigid steel frame, powder-coated for durability
Silver/black or green/black frame color combinations
Aluminum, diamond-plate cargo deck, with 325 lb. capacity available
Cargo Deck comes with removable tailgate for cargo access
Weatherproof front storage pod, additional 6.2 cu. ft. storage available
Roost Explorer, 2-Person Camping Pod available
Smooth riding torsion axle
Integrated frame rails for multiple racking options
Integrated side rails, for side and top panels -protects gear on deck
Optional cast aluminum sport wheel package
High quality LED lighting system
Integrated tie-down points
Easily removable draw bar for compact storage.
Able to store on end for space saving convenience
Light, (30 lb.) tongue weight, easily maneuvered by hand
Simple to use, ergonomic coupler for 2” ball, 15” ball height
Standard flat 4-wire electrical system
Includes two safety cables
Ships using standard UPS and Fed-Ex packaging
Easily assembles in less than an hour